How to Apply LipSense


Tips & Tricks

Never leave your LipSense in your car

Always cleanse your lips before applying (with only witch hazel or straight water on a cloth...no other products)

Shake your LipSense before applying! Shake from the base only, so as not to break the wand.
Make sure you gloss, gloss, gloss!!! (after applying color, before you eat, throughout the day, before bed, and even when not wearing color). With consistent use of Glossy gloss, you will not not need to gloss as often.

When applying LipSense your lips might feel cool, dry, tight or tingly. LipSense contains SD-40 cosmetic grade alcohol to keep out bacteria. If your lips are dry or chapped, you may experience a tingling sensation. With consistent use of glossy gloss, this will pass. If it is too uncomfortable, use Glossy gloss on your lips for a couple of days and nights and then try LipSense again.

Color will feel sticky until you apply the gloss

Gloss MUST be applied to seal the color

Multiple LipSense colors may be layered for new color effects! Be adventurous! (Maximum of 3 layers)

If your lips flake, don't worry, it's an exfoliating process and with a bit more time you'll see a difference in the softness of your lips and the length of time your color lasts. Stick with it!

Mix baking soda and coconut oil in to a paste/scrub and rub gently on clean, dry lips to help speed up exfoliation. Wash off and apply gloss after.

If your shimmery colors are not lasting, try using a matte color as your base

Pearl or Sand Glosses are great at neutralizing lip colors

Do not use any other brands of gloss, chapstick, or lip liners with LipSense. It will build up counterproductive waxes and void the long lasting effects. 

Use Glossy gloss before your glitter gloss for longer wear

Always apply Glossy gloss before your matte gloss

Ashley Renneberg, Independent SeneGence Distributor, 192162